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In my parents house the dinning room is the least used room. In fact the dinning room tends to be used as a place to do homework, watch TV and eat dinner alone, or rather just store stuff. To be honest I don’t really see the point of having a formal dinning room, it creates a space that is only used for ceremonial dinners and due to the size constraints of most dinning rooms, large function must be located in the basement or at a hall.

In my opinion, there is no functional purpose of the dinning room in contemporary homes. Having dinner should not be separated from the process of making food. In today’s household the kitchen/dinning room dichotomy, separating the process and the act of eating is dysfunctional and doesn’t make much sense. I feel its more human to eat food where you make it as there is a sense of warmth and we begin to understand the process it takes to make the food that we eat. We have time to savior the smells and anticipate the meal as we see ingredients added, heated, and stirred. While guests are present, I believe a stronger sense of home is possible when you allow the guests to see how the food is prepared and maybe assure them that it is done right; It could create for a great conversation and dinner.

There seems to be a trend to having spaces become configurable and user oriented depending on the event. For a household, square footage and space layout are key to creating a livable house. Not all families are the same but creating universal spaces in the kitchen and dinning room can go a long way to making any family comfortable. Let’s take the kitchen and dinning and combine these spaces, eliminate the duplication of dinning tables and have one larger open space where family member, host, and guests can come and mingle and enjoy the process of cooking and eating together. I believe a stronger sense of home is possible through the unification of kitchen and dinning room so let’s give it a try!



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