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I have been struggling recently to understand the bureaucratic approvals process at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) for new mental health clinics in rural settings. Here is my concern, to receive MOHLTC funding the Agency requesting the money must navigate an approval process to ensure the utmost scrutiny and due diligence is conducted. However the process dictated is the same process no matter if the Agency requesting money is looking to build a modest $1 million or substantial $50+ million facility. For the general public reading this article both budgets might sound substantial, however for people in the construction and architecture sectors we know that a modest $1 million budget is small and the cost of construction/renovation of modest spaces is expensive.

Common sense should then prevail that a separate streamline approval process should be set up for smaller budget projects and better ways of procuring consultant services and general contractors would help. Yet I feel that the MOHLTC is using the same tools no matter what size and type of project.

What is also concerning is the lack of innovation in the delivery of both the functional program and schematic design. The functional program and schematic design go hand in hand. They should not happen sequentially and should actually be conducted through an integrated approach cross informing each other. It has been my experience that it is a requirement by the MOHLTC that the functional program is completed before work can begin on schematic design. The MOHLTC is missing an opportunity to instill innovation in the project delivery of many of their projects that goes above and beyond costs savings and addresses the need of the service provider to engage both the functional programmer and architect at the same time in a more  consultative and collaborative manner.

I am lucky to work for a firm who preaches this type of innovation. I hope to work with the MOHLTC to innovate their project delivery method and approval process. I believe it is all about creating a fair and open approval process that delivers service in the best way possible optimizing efficiencies and reducing costs to the taxpayer.



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